fire_tabletPaul.jpgI bought $50 seven-inch Kindle Fires for various TeleRead folks so they could write in depth about these game-changing econo tablets. But what if price-performance were even better?

Done—at least for Black Friday shoppers here in the States! They’ll be able to snap up the seven-incher for a mere $35 and shipping.

Here’s TeleRead’s Amazon bargain calendar for Fire shoppers and others:

1. November 22, Sunday: The basic E Ink Kindle, knocked down to $49.99, 38 percent south of the normal retail price of $79.99. Yes, “Black Friday” doesn’t necessarily mean exactly that all the time.

2. November 26, Thursday: The $35 Kindle Fire tablet mentioned at the start—plus the Fire TV Stick, reduced from $39.99 to a mere $24.99.

Meanwhile, at least for today, you can save $10 off the $139.99 price of a Fire HD 7 and $20 off an HDX 7, reduced from $199.99 to $179.99.

Reminder: We’re gung ho on Kindle hardware, not so much on Amazon’s proprietary format and DRM. But we’ve shared some workarounds. You can run many and probably most Android apps on the $35/$50 Kindle even without installing the Google Play Store on it. That includes such wondeful e-reading apps as Moon+ Reader Pro.

And a question: With an e-book capable tablet selling for just $35 on November 22, why not check in with your local library about whether (1) it would be useful there and (2) whether it’s easiest just to donate the money with the understanding that it will go for the tablet(s)? Anyone planning to do this?


  1. Well, I am planning on buying one of these. My 3.5 year old Polaroid tablet is showing its age, its battery life is decreasing, and Amazon has finally accepted that a MicroSD slot is a good thing. Plus the giveaway price. This does really show just how much tablets have improved in the last few years.

    Compared to my Polaroid, the new Fire has:
    5 times the processor power.
    2 times the RAM and memory.
    1.6 times the pixels.
    and one-third the price.

    Moore’s law in action.

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