blackberry_tablet Our sister blog Gadgetell summarizes a post about rumors of a Blackberry tablet that have been flying around. There really isn’t a lot of solid information, just speculation. It isn’t even clear whether such a device would run the same OS as Blackberry handhelds, or Android.

As Gadgetell points out, RIM (Research In Motion, the makers of the Blackberry) started out with a business focus and has been aimed primarily at the enterprise ever since. Apple, on the other hand, has had to retrofit all the enterprise features that users have asked for—and even then they won’t be out until OS 4.0. With that in mind, a potential Blackberry tablet could have a significant edge over the iPad when it comes to business adoption even if it doesn’t catch on with consumers.

But at the moment, nothing about the potential device is clear, so it seems largely to be a case of “wait and see.”


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