0085595_PE213372_S3.JPGI’ve been looking for a reading lamp to use with my Kindle/recliner combination. The Kindle’s (or any other) e-ink screen needs fairly good illumination. Well, I went to Ikea the other day and this thing jumped out at me.

It’s called the NOT and is an floor uplight/reading lamp. The top bowl projects light upwards and the reading lamp is on a gooseneck that can be moved around. The lights are on separate switches. The base is weighted metal, the tube metal and the two shades are plastic. The combination makes for the best reading lamp I’ve seen in a long time.

And what’s even better – it costs a whopping $9.99! You can find it here. (PS: the reading portion uses a bulb with a smaller than usual base. Best if you buy it with the lamp. The top portion uses a normal bulb.)


  1. I have a similar-ish IKEA lamp that I bought years ago. Mine randomly turns itself off if it feels like it’s getting too hot. Or something. Anyway. It randomly turns itself off. I hope yours doesn’t do that. It’s pretty irritating. I may check mine to see if there’s a safety feature I can defeat to fix the problem.

  2. I have a similar lamp which I bought at Target or Walmart sometime in the last year and was about 12.99. Bulb base sizes are normal. The top one of mine is using an energy saving 3-way bulb and the reading part just a regular energy saving. So it’s cheap to use. Love it.

  3. One thing to watch with this type of lamp is that the shades provided are often not opaque enough to block much of the light, i.e. it’s like you’re staring directly at the bulb. YMMV, but it may be worth getting a similar lamp with different type of shades.

  4. I bought this lamp from Ikea and loved it, but I had to exchange as one of the poles had female threads on both ends so I couldn’t put the thing together correctly. After I got that sorted out it worked fine. I had the big one by my couch and the small one behind my bed.

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