inateck pu leather kindle paperwhite caseIt’s time for another Inteck review. As I’ve said in the past, I love their products, and they just sent me a new Kindle Paperwhite case. It’s too bad I gave it to my husband, because I like this one as much, if not more than, the previous one I reviewed.

This one is going for the smooth leather look, and the look and feel is reminiscent of the Amazon lighted case I had for my old Kindle Touch. The Inateck case is imitation leather, but you wouldn’t know it on a quick look and feel. Granted I’m no expert, but it feels like a leather case to me.

Unlike many imitation leather cases, this one had no smell coming out of the box. I’ve returned cases over harsh chemical smells, and, while this one doesn’t smell like leather, it doesn’t smell like nasty chemicals either.

It’s slim and adds little bulk or weight to the Paperwhite. It has a magnet, so the case stays closed, and it provides the auto sleep/wake functionality I’ve come to depend upon.

Fair warning. If you are someone who likes to remove ereaders and read them “naked,” this case isn’t for you. The Paperwhite fits in snugly, and the case doesn’t get in the way of the bezel or the screen, but getting it out again is difficult. I tried to get mine out of the old case so I could use this one, but I was afraid I’d break my Kindle. The removal problem is standard with this style of case and is not a knock against Inateck.

All in all, another great product from a fine company.


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