Jim CarreySelf-publishing means anyone can put out a book—from first-time authors trying to make a name for themselves, to celebrities who have the star power necessary to move units.

The next big name to jump into the self-publishing fray? Actor Jim Carrey. According to a video interview Carrey conducted with the website, Hit Fix he’s publishing a children’s book titled How Roland Rolls. “It’s a story about a wave named Roland,” Carrey told Hit Fix, who’s afraid when one day he hits the beach [that] his life is going to be over. It’s deep. He’s struck by the notion that he’s not just the wave—that he’s the whole wide ocean.”

With his star power, Carrey probably could have taken his idea to any number of publishing houses. Instead, he decided to attempt the venture on his own. “I am going to self-publish because that’s just the world right now, and it think it’s cool.” Carrey said.

Check out the full video below to hear more about Carrey’s recent work.

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