E ink color prototype img assist custom 299x225

From E-Reader-Info:

There are reports that Amazon started to order 6″ color (Triton) touch E Ink panels from E Ink. E Ink will ship over 3 million displays a month to Amazon – starting next week – which probably means Amazon will soon announce the new e-reader.

E Ink is already shipping 9.7″ Triton displays to Ectaco, used in their Jetbook color e-reader, which is already shipping in eastern Europe. They are also shipping the same displays to Hanvon for their Chinese market reader.

More in the article.


  1. Its 2012 and they have to try a little harder to remove the flashing and refresh rate to make it limitless.

    Gel is the way to the future.

    when are they going to make a real A4/Letter-oriented Gel Display screen of at least 11.5 inch diagonal.

    all I know is I AM GETTING ONE. Color – eink – 1600×1200 resolution. YES finally can read magazines improves its resolution considerably and reading will not be a problem and the experience will be much richer.

    100 million colors of Trasparent layers of diffrent shapes of pixel overlaping each other for great quality and rich contrast of graphical real nature images.

    We can put this technology e skin on e ink gel display screen for more performance and improvement. we can overlay e skin on e ink and have organic real paper back display.

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