Can’t say that Amazon doesn’t take advantage of every opportunity.  Today they unveiled a Kindle site that has been specifically optimized for the iPad.  Above is a screen shot from my iPad 2.

By the way, in regards to my article about GUIs, below, you’ll note that the link to the free ebooks is prominent right on the front page.

You can find the site at They even pop up a notice telling you how to create an icon on your home screen to go directly to the store!

Thanks to Macworld for the tip.


  1. Apple’s behavior isn’t surprising. They’ve never had any enthusiasm for the iBookstore, probably because Steve Jobs didn’t. Tim Cook may be different. We’ll get an indication at the special NYC event later this month. The iBookstore isn’t going to get anywhere until is has a healthy eco-system like Amazon’s and allows reading on something other than iDevices.

    Amazon needs a similar page for iPhones. I tried to obvious one: and got nothing. Reading ebooks isn’t that bad on an iPhone and it’s easy to tote about than an iPad.

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