secret-agent.jpgThe Bookseller is reporting that Amazon met with about 60 agents at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

One agent who attended said Amazon seemed to have two aims: “They were keen to try to enlist agents as a force against the agency model—and I have to say they failed on that front—and there was also an element slightly of ‘let’s get to know each other a bit better as we’re going to be working together’.”

He said Amazon spoke about wanting to work with publishers rather than directly with authors but added: “It felt like they were just going through the motions.”

Lots more interesting quotes in the article, including one comparing an Amazon rep to a “Moonie”.


  1. Reaching out to agents — planting the seed of direct deals or just reminding agents of the importance of international digital rights when cutting deals with publishers — seems a smart move to me on Amazon’s behalf. This is especially true in Europe where the brand has less impact than it has had in the US. And now that there is a Kindle store in the UK, and one coming in Germany shortly, and one obviously in the works for France … making these connections is even more important.

  2. I agree it is a smart move by Amazon and not surprising. If the agents aren’t listening to them frankly they aren’t doing their job to make the best deals for the authors. I’m sure many agents believe that if the publishers are cut out then they are next. If that’s their thinking and they don’t adapt then they are correct.

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