Amazon launches imprint StoryFront for short fiction

storyfrontAmazon has launched a new imprint offering short fiction – StoryFront.

StoryFront launched with 43 stories, including a couple that were featured in Day One, Amazon’s new weekly literary digital magazine.

“Based on the continued success of short fiction on Kindle as well as the enthusiastic response to Day One—we received thousands of subscriptions in the first week—we know readers are hungry for short stories and excited about exploring new genres,” said Daphne Durham, Publisher of Adult Trade and Children’s Group, in a release. “With StoryFront, we’re feeding that enthusiasm by offering a wide range of stories curated by a team of editors who are committed to the craft.”

The prices of the short stories are $.99 and $1.99. They include “Sheila” by Rebecca Adams Wright, the first story published in Day One; “A Bite of Strawberry” by William Lashner, featuring the defense attorney Victor Carl; “Museum of Literary Souls” by John Connolly; and “Farmer One” by Christian Cantrell.

This puts Amazon at about a dozen imprints, including 47North (science fiction), Jet City Comics and Skyscape (teen and young adults).

The stories on StoryFront will be from various genres, and will include stories translated into English. The initial selection will include works from Brazil.

Amazon already offered a way to publish short stories, but StoryFront will have them be front and center bringing attention to many of Amazon’s authors. Take a look at StoryFront here.

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