Amazon launches interest-free Kindle installment plan

kindleinstallmentsAmazon just keeps coming up with ways to get its devices into more and more people’s hands. So maybe you can’t afford $139 for a 7” Kindle Fire HD tablet, or $69 for a basic Kindle e-reader, in one chunk. Now Amazon will let you pay it in five monthly installments. They aren’t even tacking on any interest.

You pay 20% of the device price at purchase, then make four more equal payments in the same amount every thirty days, directly from your credit card. That works out to five $27.80 payments for the 7” tablet, or $13.80 payments for the Kindle. (Plus sales tax, where applicable.) Only those two devices are eligible, with a limit of one device per consumer, and you have to have a credit card for the payments. Also, your Amazon account must have been active for at least two years, and you can’t live in Florida or the District of Columbia.

Pretty slick idea. This expands Amazon’s reach to those lower-income households where paying it as a lump sum would be a no-go, and removes having to deal with high credit card interest on the purchase as long as you pay your card off every month. Maybe it’s not quite bundling the device free with Prime membership yet, but it’s practically the next best thing.

(Found via The Passive Voice.)

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  1. So basically Amazon is expanding upon this plan they launched back in December:

  2. Nate, if you were meaning to link to another article there, you pasted the wrong link. :)

  3. LOL

    How the bleep did I do that?!?

    And just to test Teleread’s new autolinking ability, Amazon, Apple, iBooks, iPad, Kindle …

  4. Interesting. I use Adblock, so I didn’t even see any of those links.

    And you still didn’t include whatever link you meant to link to in regard to that program from December.

  5. @Nate, looks like only iPad autolinked. And to Walmart, interestingly enough. @Chris, yep, Adblock blocks them on my desktop, but I can see the links in Safari. Someone pointed the autolink feature out to me earlier this week, but I had to go hunting on my iPad to even see them.

  6. The funny thing is I have adblock as well. I’ve never seen the links before, but I can now. For example, the link to Amazon was generated by Teleread and not me.

  7. And now the links are gone again. Weird.

    And since this discussion has gone completely off topic, is anyone else planning to go see the Veronica Mars movie this weekend?

  8. I have a friend who just watched it on his computer today, since it’s simultaneously-released for online streaming. He said he wants to know when the next episode is out. :)

  9. It’s not just on those two devices. It’s offered on the Paperwhite, non-touch, HD’s and HDX’s. I just purchased the 8.9 using this plan. The only limit is that not every account is eligible for installments.

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