Morning Links: Are e-books actually books?

Morning LinksAmazon Publishing Announces Two New Imprints
(Good e-Reader)

eBooks are Not Actually Books (Digital Book World)

My Amazon Bestseller Made me Nothing (Salon)

Author Lamentations: eBook Week Sales (An American Editor)

Kindle Daily Deals: The Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake (and 3 others)

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  1. I found the argument in “eBooks are not actually Books” to be specious. Sure, there are paper books (pBooks) and there are digital books (eBooks) and there are important differences between and even among them. Still, they have a great deal in common.
    It would have helped, I think, to try to define the concept “book” and then proceed from there. So what does a thing have to be in order to earn the label “book?” Does being digital disqualify? If eBook is an oxymoron, what do we call it? An eThingy?

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