Morning Roundup: Amazon wages war against everybody

Amazon Wages War Against Everybody, Not Just Publishing (Futurebook)Amazon
If Amazon has declared war against the publishing industry, then it has declared war against the film and music industry as well. Just browse through Amazon’s list of most popular TV series DVD collections and you’ll find discounts in the range of 30–69%. Amazon discounts popular goods aggressively. That’s what it does.
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What’s Really Killing Student’s Love of Reading? (Book Riot)
Listen, I’m not stupid enough to think that teachers can’t ruin a student’s reading experience, but I’m not about to concede that I’m making it happen simply by assigning reading to incoming students outside the strict confines of the school year. What Ross describes above isn’t the result of assigned reading, summer or otherwise, but the outcome of reducing the reading experience to little more than a multiple-choice quiz or a timed essay.
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Rick Riordan and Lee Child Have the Most Pre-Ordered Books (GalleyCat)
Amazon editors have released the company’s annual fall preview, highlighting the most pre-ordered books of the season. included the complete lists below. The House of Hades by Rick Riordan led the print pre-order list and Never Go Back by Lee Child topped the Kindle pre-order list.
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eBooks Change the ‘Season’ Concept in Publishing (Good E-Reader)
Much like other areas of the entertainment industries, books fall into the concept of seasons. Television shows are filmed and aired in seasons–while other times of the year re-runs are broadcast–and the movie industry has long aligned itself with seasons in which to release blockbuster films, such as action movies in the summer and family-oriented films around the holidays.
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Kindle Daily Deals: “Love Anthony” by Lisa Genova (and 3 others)

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  1. “Does Amazon have a master plan? Yes: price low; sell lots. It really isn’t more complicated than that.” — is what the top article concludes.

    This completely misses the point of Amazon’s corporate DNA. Amazon does not strive to be the lowest cost provider. In fact, it allows partners — those co-locating with in Amazon warehouses and those in a completely commission based relationship — to sell for less.

    Amazon is about delivering the BEST customer merchandising/selling/fulfillment/after sale service. What’s in it for the consumer is its number one lens and that’s why people continue to shop through Amazon again and again — and are willing to try new categories as Amazon rolls them out.

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