Morning Roundup: Children and touchscreens, Amazon good for literature, Konrath on Patterson, and more

Researchers Find Children Play with Touchscreens More than Traditional Toys (Teachers with Apps)

Researchers find children play with touchscreens more than traditional toys – The following claim was made in Mail Online in the Science and Technology section.

Why Amazon is Good for Literature (Electric Gutenberg)

Maybe some of the people who are making money in this new ecosystem centered around a love of writing and books and art, are the people who are being replaced by robots doing the Amazon warehouse work that wasn’t nearly as much fun.  That’s what I hope.

Does what you paid for a book affect how you’d rate it?

When I recommended this book via email to a couple of reader friends, both emailed me back with exclamations over the cost which made me re-evaluate my recommendation. I provided more  detailed thoughts and some caveats when I replied.

Konrath on Patterson Deux (Joe Konrath)

James Patterson, in an unprecedented act of good will, is giving $1,000,000 to more than 50 indie bookstores. It’s a generous act. It’s also a misguided one.

Kindle Daily Deals: Tamarack County

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