OverDrive e-books available for Kindle FreeTime

kindle freetimeOverDrive’s e-books will be available on Kindle FreeTime, the company announced today.

FreeTime is a free feature on Kindle Fire tablets that allows parents to limit a child’s screen time or restrict certain segments to ensure safe usage. FreeTime content is separated into educational or entertainment categories.

OverDrive offers schools and libraries use of its e-books from more than 800 publishers. There are thousands of children’s books available through OverDrive. Parents can add e-books they want to FreeTime by following these steps:

Go to the “Manage Content & Subscription” section in FreeTime by taking the following steps:
1) On the Start screen for FreeTime, tap “Manage Content & Subscription.”
2) Tap “Add titles to [name of profile]’s Library.”
3) Select “Books” from the dropdown menu.
4) Check the box next to the desired title and tap “Done” in the upper right corner. The title will be added.

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