The Second Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a temporary stay (PDF) of the antitrust monitorship over Apple pending further review by a three-judge panel. As I understand it, this isn’t really a full victory for Apple so much as it is a standard part of the process of appeal; they’re staying the monitorship only until they can hear the appeal in full. At that point they will decide whether it gets a permanent stay.

There’s really not more to report than that right now. Even news sources like the New York Times simply follow it up with a recap of Judge Cote’s decision of a few days ago.

The Department of Justice has until the end of the day Friday the 21st to file its opposition to a temporary stay pending appeal. We’ll see what it comes up with.


  1. LOL!!
    Cote is fast disappearing from the rear view mirror into the obscurity from which she emerged and she’s taking her arm candy lawyer boy with her.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the court rules Apple doesn’t even have to pay him?!

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