As a user of both Android and Apple products, I found this Apple design infographic particularly interesting, especially the Simplicity and Craft sections.

Apple Design

With few exceptions, I do find the iProducts simpler to use. For example, I was hunting for a setting this morning, and it was faster and easier to find on the iPhone. Android devices are more customizable, especially with widgets, but whenever I need to show I client how to do something, it’s always easier on Apple products than Android. The power user in me loves my Android tablet. The teacher much prefers the iPad.

Craft is also a big factor. I’m starting to have some trouble with my Nexus 7 (freezing and sluggishness), and I went hunting for a solution (Ugh! Looks like a factory reset is on my to-do list later today), and had to nod at this quote on an Android forum: “Every time I see my friend nonchalantly rotating his iPad Mini only to see it instantly and smoothly rotate as well, I cringe.”

I’ve noticed the same thing with my iPad and Nexus 7 (and Nook HD). iPad rotates smoothly. Nexus 7 and Nook? Not so much. It’s annoying enough that I mostly lock screen rotation. 7″ devices don’t need to go landscape that often. I’m on my third Android tablet, and I’ve never seen a smooth rotation like on the iPad.

Android fans like to put the hate on Apple for their product pricing, and yes, they have a point. Android tablets are perfectly functional and much less expensive, which makes them ideal for a large segment of the market. But there’s a reason why Apple products continue to sell, even at their price point. And the above infographic sums up much of the reason.

Note: Did you notice the goof in the section on Attention to Detail? They duplicated the part about the internal fan. Not the best example of attention to detail…