Dithering. It’s not just for graphics anymore.

Apple has changed its mind over an app rejection again. I reported a couple of days ago that Apple had rejected Republican congressional candidate Ari David’s app for political mudslinging at his opponent, Henry Waxman.

It turns out that, surprise surprise, Apple has changed its mind and allowed the app through.

“When this issue was brought to our attention, we reviewed it further and realized we made a mistake,” said Trudy Muller, a spokesperson for Apple. “While we don’t approve apps that attack individuals, that is not what this app is primarily about.”

So, once again it becomes clear that having an app rejected by Apple is simply another part of the app approval process, to be followed immediately afterward by “publicize the rejection and gain groundswell of support.”

Come on, Apple, get it together! Come out with a consistent set of rules for what content is allowed and stick to it. It’s ridiculous that this sort of thing just keeps happening.


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