Apple Ad: iPad Mini is for Books

Just a few days ago—last Friday, in fact—we posted an item here on TeleRead that included more than a half-dozen TV commercials featuring e-readers. A series of television ads featuring the iPad mini have since begun airing. And interestingly enough, one of the two spots—it shows off the benefits of iBooks—is actually touting the device as something of a beefed-up e-reader. (The 30-second spot is below.)

In other iPad mini news, a brief item about the new commercials on TNW says Apple is claiming that “it ‘practically sold out‘ of the iPad mini in its first weekend of availability, with combined sales of 3 million units for all versions of the tablet.”


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2 Comments on Apple Ad: iPad Mini is for Books

  1. This ad is congruent with the assertion in other advertising that the iPad mini is an iPad in every way except for the size (form factor they call it). So, is that true and, if so, how does that matter?

  2. Tough times have arrived for Apple.

    Being holy can stunt the madness.

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