searches spill the beans on what will be announced later today

By Robert Nelson | for Gadget Tell

In what confirms some of the rampant rumors, the website has revealed some of what will be unveiled later today.

The results were first discovered by the folks over at 9to5Mac, however they are easy enough to replicate on your own (at least at the moment). A search for terms such as “iphone 5″ or “iphone-5″ will return results of links. The links will not take you to any publicly available page, but the URLs say what needs to be said. Well, at least for now.

Anyway, without further ado, the results seem to have confirmed an LTE compatible iPhone 5, a new iPod touch, a new iPod nano and iTunes 11. With that, wait a few hours and this link will take you to the PR page for the iPhone 5 and in the meantime, consider heading over to our sister site, AppleTell, and following along as they cover today’s events live.

3 Comments on searches spill the beans on what will be announced later today

  1. It’s “without further ado“. Sheesh.

  2. Thanks for the info, but “without further adieu” is one of my pet peeves.

  3. For you, Language Nazi, I will gladly correct the error. And big-ups to Igorsk (the Language Nazi of Moscow, perhaps?) for pointing it out in the first place.

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