Morning Roundup: Apple files patent for eBook autographs, Goodreads replacements; more

Apple Files Patent for eBook Autographs (GoodeReader)

Apple has just filed a patent for an eBook autographing system. Their new system is designed to work with iCloud and in physical proximity. The technology will allow for the author and readers to be in the same room and have autographs transferred over via Bluetooth or WIFI.


The Problem with Apps in Schools (Teachers with Apps)

More than a million apps flood online stores around the world, thousands of which claim to be educational. And they threaten to drown educators who already have a huge workload to carry.


Finding a Replacement for Goodreads (Dear Author)

After Goodreads deleted content – both reviews and shelves – of readers as well as indicated that they would continue to do so in the future (only this time they’ll provide notice), many readers feel like Goodreads is not a safe place for them.


Is it Possible to Read too Much? (Book Riot)

I have a working theory that my brain is only physically capable of reading a certain number of books over a given period of time.


Kindle Daily Deal: The Habit (and 3 others)


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