Smashwords delivers titles quicker to the iBookstore

SmashwordsSmashwords has taken steps to improve delivery to Apple’s iBookstore, the company announced on Sunday.

Published e-books have appeared as quickly as the same day when submitted through Smashwords’ distributions network recently. Previously, the items would take several days to show up in the iBookstore.

“We’re working to provide our authors and publishers faster retailer deliveries and faster metadata updates with the highest possible accuracy and reliability,” Smashwords founder and CEO Mark Coker wrote on the company blog. “We’re now shipping five times daily seven days per week to iBooks, and in the months ahead we’ll push that envelope further.”

Part of the process involves Smashwords’ team inspecting thousands of titles to ensure they meet the requirements for their retail partners. Although erotica titles go through a longer cycle and may take a few days to appear in the iBookstore.

Coker says pre-orders in the Apple store has been a big success as well. In April, Smashwords saw a record for pre-ordered books in the iBookstore.

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