Few things can make for more of a fun personal experience than hitting the open road and bringing along some books-on-tape. Of course, the modern embodiment of books-on-tape, audiobooks, are the easiest means of devouring a long tome when your eyes are busy with more important tasks than reading lines on paper.

Understandably, audiobooks are not for all people. Personally, I too prefer good ol’ paper-and-ink. But for those times when it’s impossible to curl up with a fat paperback, Audiobooks.com is now providing deals that are worth being seriously excited about.

On Monday, the company announced that—coinciding with its one-year anniversary—it’s now offering two different pay-per-month subscription plans: For $14.95, members can choose one book per month from the best-seller or classic favorites section. At $22.95, members get access to two audiobooks per month. Over 25,000 titles are available to instantly stream or download; the books can be listened to on smartphones, tablets or computers.

“Our research shows that most audiobook fans listen to one or two audiobooks a month,” said Ian Small, general manager of Audiobooks.com, in a release. “Our plans are tailored to give these audiobook listeners the best value for their dollar.”

Perhaps. But those of you not quite ready to give up your AmEx number will likely be pleased to hear that the company is also currently offering a free seven-day, one-book trial as a promotion to spread awareness of the new service. Users can scan the library and give something a listen (again, on a smartphone, tablet or computer), ultimately deciding whether or not the subscription service is right for them.

The service is available to both Android and iOS users.

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