Nate the Great at The Digital Reader notes that one of his readers reported that Barnes and Noble listed refurbished Wi-Fi Nooks on eBay for $79.99 today; it sold 3,590 of them at that price before the listing ended, but has relisted them for $99.99 (and the 3G + WiFi Nook for $119.99) for the next 26 days (or, presumably, until they run out).

The $79.99 price went Amazon’s Black Friday $89.99 2G Kindle refurb deal one better, and the entire-holiday-season length of the deal certainly beats Amazon’s one-day-only offer. Take that, Jeff Bezos! I wonder if Amazon will do anything to retaliate?

It might also be that, like the iPad deals we’re seeing everywhere, this might also be designed to clear the inventory of the current-generation model (which, Amazon smirked, featured the same e-ink screen as its old Kindle) to make way for a new one in the coming year. Just because B&N says they’re “refurbished” does not mean it won’t slip excess inventory factory-fresh units in.

Regardless, this is shaping up to be the Christmas of the discount e-book reader. I can only imagine how low sale prices (and prices in general) will get by this time next year.


  1. B&N was running another special through overstock with the 3G+WiFi model. Through the use of a promo code you could get the price down to $86. This was run pretty much concurrently with the eBay sale.

    Quite amusing to see the frantic activities by bargain hunters as orders where made and cancelled with abandon to get the best deal. One buyer got his price down to all of $58!
    +$79 Nook
    +$4.54 MA Tax Donno for when eBay started charging tax
    – $10 paypal coupon cadvantage10
    – $10 eBillme $10 off (for first purchase)
    – $3.96 5% CB Mrr
    – $1.58 eBay Bucks

    I’m looking at pbooks in my collection that are more than that.

    This is really sucking out the oxygen of the generic brands as far as the price conscious buyer is concerned. It’s all Nook all the time.

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