At The Digital Reader blog, Nate Hoffelder has heard from three different sources, at least a couple of whom are Barnes & Noble employees, that Barnes & Noble will be launching its next generation of Nook Color on November 7th. One source remarked on the huge “NOOK boutique” that his store built, complete with LED TVs, touchscreen point-of-sale systems, and so on, which his manager said “was not designed to house just 2 nooks.”

It will be interesting to see whether this pans out. As Hoffelder points out, given that the Kindle Fire will be shipping soon, this is about B&N’s last chance to come out with new devices if it wants to be able to compete for sales the moment the Fire becomes available.

(We previously covered Hoffelder’s September scoop of a B&N leak suggesting code names and pricing for new Nook models.)


  1. Good news: the Wall Street Journal has a paywall-ed report and video on B&N’s Nook efforts and confirming their expansion of the in-store Nook Boutiques. A doubling of the size.

    Bad News: they are only doing it at *40* of their “top-performing” locations. The other 90% apparently get nothing that significant. B&N storefront triage already?

    Say what news: the headline for the video, this 30th of oct of 2011, reads: “BARNES AND NOBLE BOOSTS NOOK AT THE COST OF REAL BOOKS”. Nice to see where WSJ editorial stands; head firmly planted in last century sand.

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