Engadget reports based on an SEC filing that Barnes & Noble will be making an announcement on May 24th “regarding the launch of a new eReader device”. That would explain why they’ve been putting refurbished Nooks on sale on eBay so often lately.

Of course, given that all the SEC filing said was that B&N would have more to say on May 24th, it looks like we’ll have to wait about three weeks to find out what the reader is going to be like. Will it continue the dual-screened format the Nook uses? Will it have a new e-ink display, or go with some different display technology entirely?

And how will it be priced? Will Barnes & Noble attempt to undercut the current Kindle price point? If it does, will Jeff Bezos drop the prices on the Kindle again? How low can they go?

Between the rumored Kindle tablet and a new Nook device, we’ve got some interesting new e-reading gadgets to look forward to.


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