After launching a free public beta late last year, Bookboard is ready to put itself on the market.

The iPad app features a way to stream children’s books and uses incentives to unlock achievements. The company announced the start of paid subscriptions with premium features on Thursday.

In addition to the already more than 300 books available, Bookboard also created partnerships with Peachtree Press and Open Road, which adds the Berenstain Bears series to the mix, among other titles.

A six-month subscription costs $29.94 (or $4.99 a month). Monthly subscriptions will run $8.99, and each subscription comes with four child accounts.

The subscription gives unlimited access to the books, and allows for audio books and offline storage to read books anywhere.

There are a number of e-book apps for children, and it’ll be intriguing to see how Bookboard will be received in the marketplace with its new subscription plans. There aren’t many interactive features with Bookboard—apparently a purposeful decision.

“We want to create an addictive chain reading experience,” co-founder Nigel Pegg, a former Adobe executive, told paidContent in November.

It seems as though Bookboard wants to bring reading back to its fundamentals, without all the videos and games that many companies are utilizing to entice children. Bookboard will also track the progress of a child’s reading progress, allowing parents full access to the child’s development.

“Opening up Bookboard to you all has been an exciting step forward in our mission to revolutionize family reading,” the company wrote on its blog in November.


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