kuva4.jpgThe application is for sale, but I can’t find the price anywhere on the site. From Absent Mobile’s website:

BookDroid is an audio book listener for Android devices. The main focus
of the application is easy listening of audio books with no complicated
player management.


Supports all audio files that Android platform supports

Contains personal audio book library, where you
can add/remove/modify audio books

No matter if your audio book is in a single file or
multiple files, you can combine them into one audio book

Supports bookmarks in audio books

Auto save keeps the right position whether application
is shut down unexpectedly

Undo button remembers last position if mistakenly you
seek or skip while listening

Supports skip seeking (with configurable skip step)
and track seeking

You can download thousands of royalty free books straight
within the application

Downloads can be either audio files, or zip files, which
BookDroid automatically extracts them if they are archives

Audio books can be transferred through USB or similar
method to device?s memory card (just like music)


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