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From the press release:

Paris, 12th June, 2012
Bookeen Press Release / New partnership with Thalia, Germany

Bookeen, the European leader in e-reading, joins forces with Thalia, the #1  Bookseller in Germany, to launch Cybook Odyssey within Thalia shops


After announcing last week a partnership with the leading Nordic bookseller, Adlibris, Bookeen expands his relationship with the first German book seller, Thalia.

As part of their strategy to play an important role in the German e-book market, Thalia recently announced a partnership with Bookeen. Cybook Odyssey is to be launched next week in about 300 stores (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

The Cybook Odyssey is an e-reader designed for the best reading experience using the High Speed Ink System, the exclusive Bookeen technology. The Cybook Odyssey  will be providing  an embedded Thalia e-book store.

This announcement further strengthens Bookeen’s international strategy which is focused on delivering e-reading devices on a global bases with a Cybook Odyssey solution and a strong content management system.

During the previous months Bookeen has already announced partnerships to bring Cybook Odyssey to Virgin Megastore, Cultura, Decitre in France, La Feltrinelli, the leading bookseller in Italy, and Adlibris, the leading bookseller in Sweden.

With these new collaborations Bookeen can clearly be seen as the only European competitor of Amazon kindle and Kobo e-readers.

Michael Busch, CEO of Thalia:

‘We at Thalia have a solid base of experience in eBooks and eReading. This partneship with Bookeen is therefore an important step as it brings together our common experience in this domain. We do believe the result will clearly reshuffle the cards on the German e-book market.

The rapid developments in the market of eReading as well as the increasing distribution of eBooks justifies Thalia’s strategy to invest in this segment’

Michael Dahan, CEO at Bookeen:

‘Thalia has clearly proven to be one of the most influential booksellers in Europe by taking a leading position in this new digital revolution. It is a great opportunity for Bookeen to bring our products and innovation to German customers together with Thalia. Cybook Odyssey has proven to be one of the most appreciated eBook readers throughout Europe offering ease of use and freedom of mobility to the customers.


About Bookeen

Based in Paris, France, the Bookeen team – experts in e-books since 1998 – have developed numerous e-reading solutions over the past 13 years. Bookeen is proud to be bringing innovation to the market through HSIS, a technology featured for the first time in its Cybook Odyssey device.

Bookeen also offers its very own bookstore solution, featured on the Cybook Orizon & Odyssey devices and accessible online at

(Via Bookeen Blog.)


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