lebertm3346033460-8.jpgReceived the following from Marie Lebert (blockquotes omitted):

Our Booknology – an ebook timeline from an international perspective – is now available in text version in Project Gutenberg:


and in ManyBooks.net:


I just updated it, to the best of my knowledge.

I especially like this quote by Robert Beard, co-founder of yourDictionary.com, who wrote as early as September 1998: “The web will be an encyclopedia of the world by the world for the world. There will be no information or knowledge that anyone needs that will not be available. The major hindrance to international and interpersonal understanding, personal and institutional enhancement, will be removed. It would take a wilder imagination than mine to predict the effect of this development on the nature of humankind.”

The Booknology is also available in French and Spanish. Each version is localized, for a specific linguistic community, with a lot of common too, because of the global village we are living in now.

My friends and I – some of them are quoted in the Booknology – are dreaming about a multimedia or hypermedia trilingual version, with text and images, and in more languages too, but this will probably stay just a dream. Nobody has much money right now, it seems, especially in Europe (I am writing from Paris).


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