Venture Galleries has an amusing little anecdote called “Arrogance Doesn’t Become You,” by author Stephen Woodfin. It follows a dialogue between a pair of retiree readers on a Florida beach—one reading a Kindle, the other a printed book. Though the anecdote is fictional, it’s clearly drawn from real life examples.

“I’ve seen a Kindle before, but I wanted to know what you were reading,” the man said. He had an edge to his voice.

Bob ignored Ellison’s attitude.

“Right now, I am reading Rebels on the Mountain. It’s historical fiction about the Cuban Revolution from a new independent author named Jack Durish,” he said.

“Never heard of it,” the man said.

Bob developed his own attitude.

“You will,” he said.

It’s a funny little story, with a cute twist at the end. (And try to work out which one of the readers the title is aimed at—or is it meant for both of them?)