Creative Commons cookbooks for low-income aspiring chefs

cc-logoI found a great little write-up at Lifehacker about Leanne Brown—a student in food studies who, as part of her course project, has released two gorgeous cookbooks on cheap, healthy home cooking. The best part? Both books are available for free on her website under a Creative Commons license, so that those who truly need this information can have it, and learn.

The first book is called ‘From Scratch’ and is a vegetarian cookbook for people just beginning to cook at home. The second is called ‘Good and Cheap’ and is a vegetable-heavy guide to healthy eating on the $4-a-day ‘food stamp budget.’ I checked out both books and they are comprehensive, full-length and loaded with gorgeous photography. Well done, Ms. Brown!

Want to help support her cause? The website says she is looking for volunteers to help her translate the books into Spanish.

Happy cooking!

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  1. If only I liked vegetables…

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