iPhone App Store news: iTunes Bookshelf screenshot shows Mobipocket, Plucker and HTML among other formats

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So what’s the possible message here if looks aren’t deceiving?

It isn’t just the inclusion of popular formats. Apple also will be truly blending e-books in with the iTunes store—one more reason why publishers would be foolish to be Kindle-centric. Is this one reason we kept hearing rumors that Apple had been in touch with big book publishers?

Let’s just hope that Apple will not ape Amazon, thump its chest and use DRM to inflict another proprietary format on the world. I don’t think so. But you never know.

Meanwhile big thanks to Mike Cane for generously sharing the screen shot. See his App Store tips.

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3 Comments on iPhone App Store news: iTunes Bookshelf screenshot shows Mobipocket, Plucker and HTML among other formats

  1. It’s just an iPhone/iPod touch third party application available through the App Store (which can be accessed from iTunes and iPhones/iPod touches). It was created by developer Zachary Bedell and sells for $9.99. It has nothing to do with Apple officially.

  2. Hi, MacVita. Thanks for the info. Looks as if Mobi just ain’t there in the App Store yet. But soon, I’d hope. David

  3. Indeed, BookShelf is just my little app, nothing Apple’s been directly involved with.

    That said, a few clarifications. I do support non-DRM’d MobiPocket format. There’s a bug in the initial version which causes some of the newer Mobi files to crash, but I’ve fixed that and will have a release to Apple today (13-Jul).

    I’m also in talks with several online publishers to get support for BookShelf’s ShelfServer integrated into their sites. Once that’s put together, it will be possible to download books directly into BookShelf from any publisher who cares to support the protocol.

    The protocol that the iPhone app uses to talk to servers is open and documented on BookShelf’s bugtracker wiki linked from my website.

    (And to anyone reading who’d like to setup a public server, drop me an email. I’d be delighted to lend a hand if I can.)

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