The good news and bad news about Indigo Books rising star

Indigo booksPublishers Weekly is reporting today that Indigo Books–Canada’s version of Barnes & Noble–has had a strong first quarter, posting a 5.4% growth in revenue.

That’s good news, during this time of Bookpocalypse, no? Growth for a bookstore chain! Even in a year when they closed seven outlets! Death to Amazon, book lovers unite! Right?

Or, not. Good news through the growth might be, the pundits at PW attribute the growth to the recent installation of Canada’s first American Girl boutiques at two of the retail stores. One of these stores in a mall I go to regularly, and I can attest that said American Girl boutique does a very brisk business indeed.

So, yay (I guess) to Indigo for being smart enough to diversify and keep its business profitable. But let’s not kid ourselves that this is really about books either.

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