'This is a Bookshop' Sign Goes Viral

This is a BookshopAn image has been making the rounds on Reddit of this clever bookshop sign, spotted on the door of The Albion Beatnik in Oxford. Reaction seems to be mixed; some people see such gimmicks as incredibly pretentious. Others are more sanguine and feel, as I do, that it’s meant to be a little tongue in cheek, and that if it works, more power to them.

Buried amongst the comments are some other gems, including this bookmark giveaway that another reader reported spotting:

“Please use this free bookmark wisely. Do not leave it in the rain, nor throw it at your enemy. Eschew the urge to use it as a substitute memo pad. Avoid open flames. It has a hallowed purpose; it reminds you of how happy you were before you were rudely interrupted by anything but reading.”

Happy Friday!

4 Comments on 'This is a Bookshop' Sign Goes Viral

  1. “Clever bookshop sign”? Viral? Suuure it is. The sign is a rip-off of Beatrice Warde’s famous “This Is a Printing Office”.


  2. It’s not a rip-off; it’s an homage, obviously.

  3. Sanguine…. I don’t think it means what you think it means…

  4. Well, I LIKE it..

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