Borders is now taking pre-orders for the $149.99 Kobo e-book reader, set to launch on June 17th. Relatively late getting into the game, Borders apparently hopes that its significantly lower price point will give it an advantage over Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple in pushing their respective e-book devices.

Electronista News reports that physical Borders locations will have an e-book section called “Area-e” that will sell the Kobo and other devices, starting in August. Borders will also be coming out with apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. It is unclear whether they refer to the Kobo application, or a Borders-branded variant as the Barnes & Noble eReader is of the Fictionwise eReader.

John Biggs at CrunchGear is doubtful the device will sell. CrunchGear’s Devin Coldewey is more optimistic, however.

Our own Joanna has given the Kobo Reader a positive review, and reported that the Kobo Reader has hit retail in Canada already.


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