calibre.pngNew Features

* Multiple library support: Various improvements to make using multiple calibre libraries easier.
* Content server: Allow setting a restriction so that the server shares only some of the books in the library.
* Speed up metadata editing. Small speed up for single book editing and major speedup for bulk editing.
* Drivers for the Kogan and Spectra e-book readers and the Samsung Captivate
* Allow calibredb to manage saved searches stored in the library.
* Add a tweak to automatically connect to a folder on startup. Accessible via Preferences->Advanced->Tweaks
* You can specify a restriction based on a saved search to be applied on calibre startup
* All actions in toolbar/context menus have been refactored to become plugins

Bug Fixes

* Content server: Fix Saved Search and User Category handling in the OPDS feeds.
* Fix regression that broke reading covers from CBR files
* Fix regression in 0.7.13 that broke Comic Input when image output format was set to JPEG
* Fix Comic Input default settings not being used when bulk converting comics
* SONY driver: Fix series order being lost when metadata management is set to manual
* Fix behavior of Tag Browser and search restictions when switching libraries
* Do not allow the user to override the default tweaks or the hyphenate javascript. Also if a file is not found, do not use the user location as the default base.
* Catalog generation: Changed default regex for genre tags to allow punctuation within genre tags.
* Linux environment: Use a temporary dir as the config directory if write access to the normal config directory is unavailable. Can be overriden by using the CALIBRE_CONFIG_DIRECTORY environment variable
* Jobs window now remebers its size and can be launched by a keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+J)
* Fixing regression that broke clicking on links in the Book Details window
* Parallel job management: Do not allow new jobs to start when all cores are used.
* Fix a bug that could cause the jobs window to show details for the wrong job
* Workaround for PyQt4/util-linux conflict on gentoo


  1. I’ve been trying to find instructions on how to set up multiple libraries in calibre since it isn’t obvious to me from playing with the UI. Pointers appreciated.

    Related to that is my question as to whether the content server can be used to serve multiple libraries to different audiences (using passwords and subdirectories I suppose).

    Of course this is a departure from the usual application of calibre, a personal library manager. As an academic, I’d be very interested in being able to create ePub documents of various lengths (not necessarily all full length books) and share them with different groups of students.

    Is there a better tool than calibre for that?

  2. Frank: click the triangle just to the right of the “stack of books” library icon (and just to the left of the heart). You’ll get a “Choose your calibre library” dialog. There you can create a new library, switch to a different existing library, or move an existing library to a new path.

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