Calibre.jpegNew Features

OSX binary build is now based on Qt 4.7. Also, the build is now Intel only and requires at least OS X 10.5.2. If you are on a PowerPC machine or an older OS X version, do not upgrade
Content server: Allow direct navigation to a set of books in the book list.
OS X: When deleting books, put the files into the recycle bin instead of deleting them permanently
Add button to easy configure Hotmail as email relay. Also improve usability of easy config buttons
Kobo driver: Support Currently_Reading category
Catalog generation: Thumbnail caching, wishlist, improved description layout.
Support for the Cybook Orizon

Bug Fixes

Fix restore to defaults in preferences incorrectly setting PDF unwrap factor to 0.0
PDF Input: Fix unwrapping of accented characters
Do not display dialogs asking for confirmation or showing conversion errors when calibre is minimized to system tray
calibre server: Fix regression that broke digest authentication when the calibre interface language was set to non English
EPUB Output: Do not raise an error for invalid embedded fonts in the input document.
RTF Input: Improved conversion of tables, with support for border styles on table cells
E-book viewer: Fix regression that broke hyphenation. Also add more language patterns for hyphenation
SONY driver: Fix cover thumbnails being uploaded to wrong directory on windows
Fix UnicodeDecodeError when displaying a failed metadata fetch message
Bulk metadata edit: Speed up remove all tags operation
MOBI Output: Specify image sizes in pixels instead of em to accomodate Amazon’s @#$%#@! MOBI renderer
Fix bug preventing customizing of builtin recipes if they are not ascii encoded
SONY XML cache: Handle case where XML db contains reference to a file that does not exist gracefully


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