calibre.pngFrom the changelog:

New Features

The Tag Browser now display an average rating for each item
Editable author sort for each author
When downloading metadata, also get series information from
Redesign of the Book Details pane
New User Interface layouts
You can now add books directly from the device to the calibre library by right clicking on the books in the device views
iPad driver: Create category from series preferentially, also handle series sorting
SONY driver: Add an option to use author_sort instead of author when sending to device
Hitting Enter in the search box now causes the search to be re-run
Boox driver: Make destination directory for books customizable
Add plugin to download metadata from Disabled by default.
OS X/linux driver for PocketBook 301
Support for the Samsung Galaxy and Sigmatek EBK52
On startup do not focus the search bar. Instead you can acces the search bar easily by pressing the / key or the standard search keyboard shortcut for your operating system

Bug Fixes

iPad driver: Various bug fixes
Kobo Output profile: Adjust the screen dimensions when converting comics
Fix using Preferences when a device is connected causes items in device menu to be disabled
CHM Input: Skip files whoose names are too long for windows
Brighten up calibre icon on dark backgrounds
Ignore ‘Unknown’ in title/autors when downloading metadata
Fix regression that broke various entries in the menus – Preferences, Open containing folder and Edit metadata individually
EPUB metadata: Handle comma separated entries in tags correctly
MOBI Output: Fix underlines not being rendered
EPUB Output: Remove workaround for old versions of Adobe Digital Editions’ faulty rendering of links in html. calibre no longer forces links to be blue and underlined
Fix a bug that could cause the show pane buttons to not show hidden panes
Fix Tag Editor does not reflect recently changed data in Tag Catagory Text Box
Content server: Fix sorting of books by authors instead of author_sort in the main and mobile views
Cover cache: Resize covers larger than 600×800 in the cover cache to reduce memory consumption in the GUI
EPUB Output: Default cover is generated is now generated as a JPEG instead of PNG32, reducing size by an order of magnitude.
Cover Browser: Scale text size with height of cover browser. Only show a reflection of half the cover. Also restore rendering quality after regression in 0.7.1
Book list: Do not let the default layout have any column wider than 350 pixels


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