New Features

  • Make the new calibre style default on Windows and OS X.
  • Get Books: Add the new SONY Reader store
  • Read metadata from .docx (Microsoft Word) files
  • Allow customizing the behavior of the searching for similar books by right clicking the book. You can now tell calibre to search different columns than the traditional author/series/publisher/tags/etc. in Preferences->Searching
  • Add option to restore alternating row colors to the Tag Browser under Preferences->Look & Feel->Tag Browser
  • Update to Qt 4.8.2 on windows compiled with link time code generation for a small performance boost

Bug Fixes

  • Get Books: Update plugins to handle website changes at, project gutenberg, and virtualo
  • AZW3 Output: Fix TOC at start option not working
  • AZW3 Output: Close self closing script/style/title/head tags explicitly as they cause problems in webkit based renderers like the Kindle Fire and calibre’s viewers.
  • Fix the current_library_name() template function not updating after a library switch
  • AZW3 Output: Handle the case of a link pointing to the last line of text in the document.
  • Fix regression in 0.8.55 that broke highlighting of items matching a search in the Tag Browser
  • News download: Handle query only relative URLs

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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