New Features

  • Add some texture to calibre generated covers
  • Drivers for Sogo SS-4370, HTC G2 and Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
  • Add search to the Manage tags/series/etc. dialogs
  • News download: Add support for images embedded in the HTML
  • calibre -s now waits for calibre to shutdown
  • Bug Fixes
  • Workaround for iTunes breaking scripting with version 10.6.3 on OS X.
  • EPUB Input: When there are multiple elements of the same type in the OPF guide, use the first rather than the last element.
  • Windows: Disable the new UI style if the color depth of the desktop is less than 32 bits per pixel
  • ISBNDB metadata plugin: Return results even though they have no comments
  • More robust handling of EINTR during IPC
  • Metadata download: Support for amazon’s new results page markup
  • EPUB Output: Fix a bug that could cause corrupted output when doing an EPUB/OEB to EPUB conversion if the input EPUB had multiple files with the same name
  • KF8 Output: Fix a couple of bugs that could lead to generation of invalid KF8 files.

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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