New Features

  • When searching, allow use of un-accented characters to match accented characters in all fields and all languages (not just authors and English as before)
  • Content server: Show a best guess for the IP address the content server is currently listening at in the connect/share menu.
  • E-book viewer: Add an option to show a clock in full screen mode.
  • Drivers for Paquito Imaginarium and a few Android phones
  • HTMLZ Output: Add option to use the book title as the filename for the html file inside the archive
  • Make the list of displayed fields in the book details panel a per library setting
  • Have autocomplete on authors/series/tags/etc. ignore accented characters when finding matches (similar to the changes to search above)
  • Support for retina displays in OS X (I hope)
  • Remove the dependency on the zip command line tool when developing plugins

Bug Fixes

  • Kobo driver: Do not perform write operations on the Kobo database if its version is newer than the latest version the driver supports, for safety
  • KF8 Input: Ignore encoding declarations inside the html markup, as they are sometimes incorrect.
  • Force refresh of cached composite column values when values in the cache are changed
  • Fix a regression that broke calibre –shutdown-running-calibre on windows.
  • Possible workaround for Qt 4.8.2 open file dialog failing on some linux distros.
  • Catalogs: Fix some epubcheck errors when generating catalogs in EPUB format
  • Linux installer: When calling the xdg utilities use system libraries rather than the libraries bundled with calibre
  • Fix numeric sort for composite custom columns that use custom separators
  • Tag browser: When grouping by first letter, handle languages that have letters made of more than one character. This can be turned off via Preferences->Tweaks

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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