calibre.pngNew Features

Support for the SpringDesign Alex and the Nokia 5800XM

Justification control is now more sophisticated. You can choose to have either unjustified text, justified text or leave the justification specified in the input document as is.

Bug Fixes

Fix regression that broke database integrity checking in 0.6.48
Conversion pipeline: Ignore links in the HTML that have quoted non-ASCII characters, since there is no way to decode them correctly.
Make title casing more intelligent, based on the guidelines for the New York Times style manual
MOBI Input: Handle hexadecimal entities used to specify angle brackets
Fix rendering of ratings column in linux when using a ‘fancy’ style.
MOBI Input: Don’t fail when the MOBI metadata species a cover that does not exist.
Fix display of covers in the ebook viewer from MOBI and LIT files
MOBI Input: Fix regression that broke detection of covers in MOBI files when converting
Restore blank lines in text only comments when displaying the detailed view for a book


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