calibre.pngNew Features

Drag and drop to Tag Browser. You can use this to conveniently add tags, set series/publisher etc for a group of books
Allow switching of library even when a device is connected
Support for the PD Novel running Kobo
Move check library integrity from preferences to drop down menu accessed by clicking arrow next to calibre icon
Nicer, non-blocking update available notification
E-book viewer: If you choose to remeber last used window size, the state of the Table of Contents view is also remembered
Allow moving as well as copying of books to another library
Apple devices: Add support for plugboards
Allow DJVU to be sent to the DR1000

Bug Fixes

Searching: Fix search expression parser to allow use of escaped double quotes in the search expression
When saving cover images don’t re-encode the image data unless absolutely neccessary. This prevents information loss due to JPEG re-compression
Fix regression that broke setting of metadata for some MOBI/AZW/PRC files
Fix regression in last release that could cause download of metadata for multiple files to only download the metadata for a few of them
MOBI Output: More tweaking of the margin handling to yield results closer to the input document.
Device drivers: Fix regression that could cause geenration of invalid metadata.calibre cache files
Fix saving to disk with ISBN in filename
Fix another regression in the metadata download plugin
Fix dragging to not interfere with multi-selection. Also dont allow drag and drop from the library to itself
CHM input: handle another class of broken CHM files


  1. Drag-and-drop to tags is great, but it only works when dropping within the Tags category. You can’t drag-and-drop onto tags that are in user-defined categories, so it’s still a pain to set up a tag-based bookshelf system.

    But it’s one step closer.

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