Calibre.jpegNew Features

All new linux binary build. With updated libraries and replacing cx_Freeze with my own C python launcher code.
Edit metadata dialog: Add Next and Previous buttons and show cover size in tooltip
A new custom column type: Enumeration. This column can take one of a user defined set of values.
PML Output: Add option to reduce image sizes/bit depth to allow PML Output to be used with DropBook
TXT Output: Add option to generate Markdown output. Turn
tags into spaces.
Add a count function to the template language. Make author_sort searchable.
Various consistency and usability enhancements to the search box.
Driver for samsung fascinate and PocketBook 902
FB2 Output: Add option to create FB2 sections based on internal file structure of input file (useful for EPUB files that have been split on chapter boundaries). Also add options to mark h1/h2/h3 tags as section titles in the FB2 file.
Metadata jacket: Add publisher information to jacket.
Catalog generation: Allow use of custom columns as well as tags to indicate read books. Note that your previously saved read books setting will be lost.
Bulk metadata edit dialog: Add an Apply button to allow you to perform multiple operations in sequence
Allow drag and drop of books onto user categories. If you drag a book from a particular column (say authors) and drop it onto a user category, the column value will be added to the user category. So for authors, the authros will be added to the user category.
Check Library can now check and repair the has_cover cache
Allow GUI plugins to be distributed in ZIP files. See
Allow searching by the number of tags/authors/formats/etc. See User Manual for details.
Tiny speed up when loading large libraries and make various metadata editing tasks a little faster by reducing the number of times the Tag Browser is refreshed

Bug Fixes

E-book viewer: Fix broken backwards searching
Fix custom ratings column values being displayed incorrectly in book details area
Fix book details dialog not using internal viewer to view ebooks
MOBI Output: When the input document does not explicitly specify a size for images, set the size to be the natural size of the image. This works around Amazon’s *truly wonderful* MOBI renderer’s tendency to expand images that do not have a width and height specified.
Conversion pipeline: Fix bug that caused height/width specified in %/em of screen size to be incorrectly calculated by a factor of 72./DPI
Conversion pipeline: Respect max-width and max-height when calculating the effective size of an element
Conversion pipeline: Do not override CSS for images with the value of the img width/height attributes, unless no CSS is specified for the image
E-book viewer: Resize automatically to fit on smaller screens
Use the same MIME database on all platforms that calibre runs on, works around python 2.7’s crazy insistence on reading MIME data from the registry
Kobo driver: Allow html, txt and rtf documents to be deleted
Always overwrite title/author metadata when downloading metadata for books added by ISBN
Nook Color profile: Reduce screen height to 900px
Fix regression that broke RTF conversion on some linux systems
Fix bug that could break searching after copying and deleting a book from the current library


  1. Not happy with 0.7.32, at least on Windows XP. I used a restriction and the restriction failed to be recognized, but the entire category sidebar went blank. I removed the restriction and used a search that does the same thing, and that made Calibre crash.

    I’m back on 0.7.31, after having to uninstall Calibre first because it won’t let you downgrade an existing installation. Not a big deal to uninstall first, just a nuisance and it takes a surprising amount of time.

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