New Features

  • Add ‘Read a random book’ to the view menu
  • Add option to show composite columns in the tag browser.
  • Add a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to control where news that is automatically uploaded to a reader is sent.
  • Do not also show text in composite columns when showing an icon
  • Add a menu item to clear the last viewed books history in the ebook viewer
  • Kobo driver: Add support for the ‘Closed’ collection
  • Add rename/delete saved search options to Tag browser context menu
  • Make searches in the tag browser a possible hierarchical field
  • Allow using empty username and password when setting up an SMTP relay

Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression in 0.7.49 that broke deleting of news downloads older than x days.
  • Restore the ability to remove missing formats from metadata.db to the Check Library operation
  • EPUB metadata: Read ISBN from Penguin epubs that dont correctly specify it
  • Conversion pipeline: Handle the case where the ncx file is incorrectly given an HTML mimetype
  • Make numpad navigation keys work in viewer
  • Fix ratings not being downloaded from Amazon
  • Content server: Add workaround for Internet Explorer not supporting the ' entity.
  • Conversion pipeline: When detecting chapters/toc links from HTML normalize spaces and increase maximum TOC title length to 1000 characters from 100 characters.
  • Fix regression that broke Search and Replace on custom fields
  • Fix regression that caused currently selected row to be unfocussed int he device view when updataing metadata
  • Coversion S&R: Do not strip leading and trailing whitespace from the search and replace expressions in the GUI


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