6 Comments on Using Calibre for E-Book Management, Chapter 5: More Metadata

  1. This is a great series, and the download metadata seems like a neat feature, especially in a world where there are a bazillion different metadata standards. Do you happen to know where the metadata is downloaded from?

  2. Paul,

    Bring up the preferences screen (toolbar button that looks like cogs, top right of the screen). In the sharing section, click the metadata download option (blue information logo). It lists all the sources, which ones you are currently using, and lets you rank them so that some come before others.

    It will also allow you to decide which fields will get updated – if you don’t want some of the fields changed, you can set that.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Stephen. Good to know.

  4. Thanks, Stephen!

  5. Robert Frittmann // June 2, 2015 at 12:22 pm //

    I’ve just finished reading through your wonderful tutorial series about using Calibre. I’m currently running Calibre v1.25.0 for Linux. I see that your posts here are dated 2013 and this comment is some two years later, so my observations might be related to version differences and progress on the development of Calibre since you wrote these blog posts.

    I have found that there is a much simpler way to delete all instances of a particular tag, than the methods you suggest above. In the left panel, simply right-click on the tag set that you want to delete, and in the context menu choose “Delete ” and it will remove all instances of that tag from every book in your library. No need to visit each book individually. There is also a “Rename ” feature in the context menu which is really helpful for merging tags (and other metadata, such as publishers, etc) that have been mistyped.

    Using this technique, I’ve been able to quickly tidy up after a bulk metadata download. There is nothing worse than having 8 different mis-spellings of “Barnes & Noble” in my list of publishers!

  6. Juli Monroe // June 5, 2015 at 7:29 pm //

    @Robert, thanks. Always love simpler ways. Glad you liked the series. I’ve been meaning to update my Calibre (I’m lazy about doing that) and see if anything in the series needs to be updated.

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