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12 Comments on Using Calibre for E-Book Management, Chapter 6: Managing Kobo Bookshelves

  1. Good work. Much appreciated.

  2. Can I assign a book to more than one shelf at once? –ie. if I put something like “#sci-fi, #comedy” in my custom metadata field.

  3. Thanks you VERY much for this really useful info.
    Was setting up books for my father for his “first” eReader, and this is EXACTLY what I was looking to do.

  4. Is there anyway to reverse the shelf info.
    ie. my options button (lower right) has stopped working and KOBO support suggests I do a FACTORY reset to see if that fixes the problem … but …. I initially loaded 450 books and as I read them moved each to an “Already read” shelf and want to get a list of the 120 or so books I have yet to read so after the reset I can load just those back to the KOBO.

    I was hoping that info would be in one (or more) of the control folders/file but if its there I can’t find it :-(

  5. Thanks. I recently jumped ship from another brand of e-reader to a Kobo and it was not a pleasant experience organizing my books on the device.

  6. Hi. Can you create Sub Bookshelf? e.g I want Sci-Fi followed by author’s name to further divide up my bookshelf.

  7. Hello. I was trying to follow this guide and managed to get up to “configure the Kobo driver” but I think they have changed the interface. Could you please update your guide?

  8. @Lawrence, we’ll take a look at it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  9. I tried this with one book and lost my existing bookshelves. Does this happen if you update your library or was it just because I had some bookshelves created on the Kobo Touch?

  10. Hi,could you please help.l have followed your instructions for Kobo shelves with Calibre.But my custom metadata page has info missing compared to yours,and the shelves are in Calibre but not on my Kobo.
    on my metadata is Bookshelf which has no entry
    Imported Kindle collections which has no entry
    My Kobo Shelves with Fantasy added.
    none of the other info that is on yours.

    Regards Joe

  11. Txs a lot, this is very helpful! :-) The interface has changed a bit, but when you search for ‘kobo’ in the plugin section, you’ll manage to go through the steps as described above.

  12. Thanks! This is a great help.

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