Requiem for the iPod Touch

By Chris Meadows
July 17, 2015 // 4 Comments

It’s funny how viewpoints change over time. Apple just introduced a new version of the iPod Touch the other day, with a faster CPU and better camera hardware. The price stays about the same, starting at $199 for 16 GB and topping out with a new $399 for 128 GB option. But the screen size remains [...]

JP5mini tablet brings the information age to prisoners

By Chris Meadows
July 15, 2015 // 0 Comments

Tablets for everyone—even prisoners! Hard as it might have been to imagine just a few years ago, tablets now can be an important part of rehabilitation and education for prisoners. TechCrunch has an article on JPay’s JP5mini Android tablet, a $70 32-gigabyte device intended for prisoners. (As [...]

ePub and other sacrileges on the Voyage and Paperwhite: Easy jail-breaks ahead?

By David Rothman
June 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Nathan ran a great write-up on the challenges of rooting the Kindle Voyage, the Paperwhite and other recent Kindles. He was following up on a how-to video on taking the Voyage apart. Meanwhile, at MobileRead, buzz persists about hacking the recent-model Kindles. Remember, Kindles are little [...]

Voice Dream text-to-speech reader to appear for Android in August

By David Rothman
June 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

I’ve praised the Voice Dream e-reader as a stellar way to enjoy text to speech of files in ePub, HTML, plain text, Word and other formats. Other apps offer TTS. But Voice Dream Reader also comes with wonderful navigational and annotative capabilities as well as a rich assortment of voices. It’s [...]

How to tool up a rooted Android phone

By Paul St John Mackintosh
June 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

After successfully rooting my Navon Mizu M500 with Framaroot, I settled down to working out what to do with it to tune it up as a better ereader and all-round Android powerhouse. Only, what to do? Many Android rooters do their phones in order to install custom mods and ROMs like CyanogenMod – [...]

My Android phone successfully rooted: The glories of Framaroot

By Paul St John Mackintosh
June 3, 2015 // 2 Comments

I concluded my previous post on the travails with my Navon Mizu M500 generic Android smartphone with a gripe about still looking for a way to root my phone. Well, now I found it. Courtesy of the Framaroot application, I was able to root the phone with just one download, without using a PC, and with [...]

How to rescue an Android phone from the insufficient storage curse of death – almost

By Paul St John Mackintosh
May 30, 2015 // 4 Comments

I’m an unapologetic Android diehard, but I do find some of its foibles infuriating. One is the notorious message “insufficient storage available” or “there is insufficient space on the device” when attempting to install or update an app on the phone. This only seems to [...]

Is Android really facing a fragmentation challenge?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
May 7, 2015 // 0 Comments

A recent op-ed in Tom’s Hardware takes the view that, well: “Google Can’t Ignore The Android Update Problem Any Longer.” And this comes out concurrently with the latest Android Developers Dashboards numbers on the distribution of everybody’s (barring a few [...]

Alas poor Nexus, I knew you well …

By Paul St John Mackintosh
May 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

The news that Google has officially discontinued the Nexus 7 line of tablets will be greeted with indifference or even outright enthusiasm by some. After all, the device has lately been causing a lot of vexation in the wake of Google’s rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop – although at least [...]

Google takes handwriting input mainstream

By Paul St John Mackintosh
April 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

I’m a diehard, unapologetic advocate of handwriting input for mobile devices – and indeed, just about any other type of text entry whatsoever – so it’s good to be able to report that Google has finally taken the plunge and rolled out its own handwriting solution, in the [...]

My experience so far with Android Lollipop 5.1

By Paul St John Mackintosh
March 22, 2015 // 4 Comments

Previously I posted about my experience on my Nexus 7 2012 edition with the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. And my first positive impressions of the new Android iteration got a lot of negative response. So here goes again. My machine has just upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.1, and here is my [...]

Latest Android Developers Dashboards figures show Lollipop start to register

By Paul St John Mackintosh
March 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

The latest figures for platform share of the various versions of the Android OS, tabulated on the Android Developers Dashboards, show that Android 5.0 Lollipop is finally starting to pare off its slice of the overall pie, with 3.3 percent of devices accessing the Google Play Store during the [...]

Android is: The Dominator

By Paul St John Mackintosh
February 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey – how about Fifty Flavors of Lloyd? Yes, if you want to see a dominant force cracking its whip over the supine global smartphone market, Android in IDC’s latest Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker is the one you want to catch. According to the IDC [...] offers great audiobooks, lousy player applications

By Chris Meadows
February 14, 2015 // 11 Comments

Audible has a great selection of audiobook downloads, and reasonable prices—especially if you buy during one of their frequent sales, using the discount offer for buying them together with certain Kindle e-books, or using one of their monthly credits. But since Audible’s books contain DRM, in [...]

Interactive graphic novel Midnight Rises by John Scalzi interacts with new mobile shooter game

By Chris Meadows
February 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

Interactive book apps may not yet have set the world on fire, but there is at least one place for them—as an adjunct to video games. On January 28, 2015, Industrial Toys LLC released Midnight Rises, an interactive graphic novel application for iOS. The e-comic serves as a prelude to Midnight [...]

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