There’s a new free ebook site in town – 100 Free Ebooks For Your Kindle.

According to the site it is updated several times a day.

Checking out the site I see that they are NOT a list of public domain books.


  1. Easy enough to check. And yes, it’s just the regular list, with very short descriptions added. It has the virtue of telling you enough so that you don’t have to click through to decide whether it’s something you want to download. I do get tired of having to delete books that it only takes a second to reject as soon as I hit the book page, but other than that, I don’t see the point.

    Ah, of course. I should have thought of that immediately — it’s an Amazon affiliate. I’ll stick with Amazon’s site. I also wonder how the heck they can make anything on free books.

  2. Gentlemen,

    Thanks for the feedback – I appreciate any and all.

    I think you’ll find my candid blog entry confirms your suspicions and conclusions :


    If you have anything else, feel free to drop me a line.

    PS – Catana, I’m not sure i understand your conclusion? If the short description is helpful, and, it’s easy enough to check.. why not use it? The affiliate relation is declared on each and every page. Why declare that the site is not as useful as Amazon if the only for the affiliation? I’m asking as someone that is looking for constructive criticism which you are clearly capable of.


  3. Ed, my criticism of the site isn’t because of the affliliation. If you want to try to make money that way, fine. Of course, you’re competing with other sites that focus on free Kindle books, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you eventually find it isn’t worth your effort. But good luck.

    My real problem with it, and it’s my personal one, not necessarily relevant for anyone else, is that since I’m usually on Amazon more than once a day, I don’t have any interest in clicking into another site. Especially since I rarely find anything in the free ebooks list that’s worth downloading.

  4. Catana,

    Makes total sense to me! Which is why I asked.

    In current form, the site will be of a smaller benefit to those that are Kindle book sniffing pros. It’s based off some static information that is already made available in many, many different ways and forms.

    However, it is geared towards someone that on occasion says, “mmmm. I wonder what’s out there that’s free.” And, I want to provide it in such a way that people can act on that whim. Quickly. Get in, get out.

    Essentially, I’m chasing the hot and oft spoke word “curated”. Especially when it is applied to computing.

    That said, I am working on the next phase which strives to supply tools to help seasoned vets like yourself find nuggets too.

    I appreciate the feedback and the time you took to give it.

  5. I’m getting around to some of those new features now too that hopefully take things to the next level.

    First, the site shows the newest finds at the top (hooray, finally).

    Second, I now show further detail on a freebie when you click “read reviews” for a given book.

    For instance :


    You can now, in a very OHFB way, see the reviews, synopsis, and book cover of a given title (ASIN). You can also see up to three books that are similar to the one you are viewing.

    And, yes, because the internet loves cats, I pointed to a cat book in my example for your entertainment.

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