Apple announces Black Friday discounts

78985166-4ab7-4164-a982-bf786527e711Apple has posted the discount list for its Black Friday sale. As expected, they include $101 off on iMacs and MacBooks (Pro and Air), $41 off on the iPad, $21 to $41 (essentially, 10% off for each model) on the iPod Touch, and $11 off on the iPod Nano. There are also minor discounts on a number of accessories including the iPad case, camera connection kit, wireless keyboard, keyboard dock, and so on. These discounts may be had either on-line or in an Apple Store. (Given the Black Friday crowds, on-line is probably where the smart shoppers will go.)

Of course, expectations are high that the second generation of iPad will launch within just a few months, so that may be one bargain not worth having. Regardless, those who want to e-read on iPads or iPods Touch might want to consider that tomorrow is one of the best deals they’re likely to find. For some reason, retailers don’t tend to discount Apple products a whole lot.

(Found via Engadget.)

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